September 2016


This policy has been developed in conjunction with DfE and LA Guidance


Reference to Parent/Carer throughout this document also includes any person who has parental responsibility or who cares for children.


Reference to school throughout this document includes Swinton Community School, Swinton Brookfield Primary School, Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School, Swinton Queen Primary School, Milton School, St Thomas C of E Primary School and Kilnhurst Primary School.


Aims and Principles of Good Attendance


  • The school is committed to maximising the achievement and attainment of all pupils.


  • There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.


  • Regular and punctual attendance is vital if pupils are to benefit fully from the academic, personal and social opportunities, which are offered to them within the school.


  • Parents/carers play an important role in supporting the school and encouraging pupils to reach good attendance levels.


  • A broad and balanced education is dependant on regular attendance at school.


  • School will take appropriate action to promote and encourage good attendance.


  • Target 96%


Statement of Expectations


What the school expects of the pupils:

  • To attend regularly.


  • To arrive on time, appropriately prepared for the day.


  • To report to reception/attendance office when late.


What the school expects of the parents/carers:


  • To fulfil their responsibility by ensuring their children attend school regularly and on time.


  • To inform the school of any reason that will prevent their child from attending.


  • To ensure that they contact the school on the first day their child is unable to attend and at regular intervals with updates giving a valid reason for absence.


  • To ensure their child arrives on time and is well prepared for the school day.


  • To contact the school in confidence whenever any problem occurs that may keep their child away from school.


  • To inform the school of any forthcoming appointments, giving copies of letters and appointment cards to school and, where possible, arrange appointments outside of the school day.


  • Where appointments are booked for after registration time pupils must attend school first.

  1. The pupil needs to return to school ASAP after the appointment, where possible.

  2. If a pupil leaves the school premises for any reason during the school day, staff will ensure that this is recorded, (together with signing back in if they return) to comply with Health & Safety Regulations.


Leave of Absence requests:

In line with amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006 with effect from 1st September 2013.


  • no requests for leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time can be authorised except in exceptional circumstances in which the Headteacher has to establish how many days a child may be absent.


The definition of exceptional circumstances is:

  • Where it is company/organisational policy for an employee to take leave at a specific time in the year. This must be evidenced with written proof from the employer at the time of application.

  • Service personnel returning from/scheduled to embark upon a tour of duty abroad.

  • Where a holiday is recommended as part of a child or parent’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue. Evidence must be produced from a doctor or professional body.


If a Parent/Carer takes their child out of school during term time, without authorisation, the Head Teacher will have to make a request to the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. If a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued, the penalty is £60 per child per parent/carer when the payment is made within 21 days. After that time it will increase to £120. Failure to pay within 28 days will result in a summons to appear before the Magistrates Court on the grounds that the parent/carer has failed to secure their child’s regular attendance at school. Please note that a separate Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued to each parent for each child and all monies are payable to the Local Authority.


All applications for a Leave Of Absence during term time must be made via the letter below to Mr Cousins.


What Parents and pupils can expect of the school


  • A broad and balanced education that is dependant on regular attendance at school.

  • The encouragement and promotion of good attendance with a rewards system in place.

  • Efficient and accurate recordings of attendances and punctuality.

  • First day contact with parents when a pupil fails to attend school.

  • Any barriers to attendance, dealt with efficiently.

  • Close liaison with the Education Welfare Service Team to assist and support families where needed.

  •  Notification to parents/carers of attendance through letters home and meetings in school.

  • When a pupil’s attendance falls below 96% in a half term, parents will be sent a letter advising that their child’s attendance is of concern and  support will be offered to improve attendance, also saying that failure to attend school regularly and on time could result in prosecution under section 444 of the Education Act. If there is no improvement parents/carers will be required to meet with the School’s Attendance Panel.


Understanding Different Types of Absence


Only school can authorise absence as authorised or unauthorised, not parents/carers. This is why information about the cause of any absence is always required to ensure a pupil’s attendance is correctly categorised.


Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for an acceptable reason, for example: illness and/or medical/dental appointments which unavoidably fall in the school day, emergencies or other unavoidable reasons.

Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider to be reasonable and for which no “leave” has been given. This type of absence can lead to the local authority using sanctions and/or legal proceedings. This includes:

  • Parents keeping children away from school unnecessarily

  • Truancy before or during the school day

  • Absence that has never been properly explained

  • Pupils who arrive in school too late to receive their mark

  • Shopping, looking after other children or birthdays

  • Leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday in term time that have not been agreed with the Headteacher


Whilst most pupils will be away from school because of illness, some individuals can be reluctant to attend. Any such problems with regular attendance are best resolved between the school and the family. If a parent thinks their child is reluctant to attend school then we encourage the family to work with all involved to understand the root problem. When necessary we engage the support of other agencies such as the School Nurse and Education Welfare Service.


  • Each day counts for two (am/pm) marks of attendance or absence.




Registration Procedures at Kilnhurst Primary School


  • Foundation 2 / KS1 registration begins at 8.55am each morning and at 1.00pm in the afternoon

  • KS2 registration begins at 8.55am each morning and at 12.50pm in the afternoon    

  • Class teachers should insert a mark for every pupil whether it is a present mark or an absent mark. All marks must be made accurately in black ink.

  • Staff should be in their classroom 15 minutes before the start of the Registration period.

  • If pupils arrives after 8.55am they will be deemed to be late and will have to report to the school office to register attendance.

  • The morning register closes at 9.30am after which it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.  If a medical appointment has been attended the appropriate symbol will be recorded in the register.

  • The register will be brought to the school office immediately after morning and afternoon registration to allow for perusal by the Attendance Officer.


Responding to Lateness at Kilnhurst Primary School


  • Pupils arriving after morning or afternoon registration will report to the school office, where the late book will be filled in with the time and reason for the lateness. After 5 recordings of lateness letter 1 will be sent, after a further 5 recordings of lateness a second letter will be sent. If no improvement is seen following the second letter a further letter will be sent to the parents/carers inviting them to an attendance panel meeting.

  • From time to time the Education Welfare Officer will do a ‘Late Gate’. 


The Education Welfare Officer will become involved where there are constant issues around lateness.


Response to Attendance Issues


  • This Swinton & Kilnhurst Learning Community ‘Policy and Procedures to Improve Attendance’ document will be reviewed each July.

  • The Swinton & Kilnhurst Learning Community will identify and monitor pupils whose attendance gives cause for concern. This is currently 95% or less.

  • Returns on persistent absences will be made to the Local Authority each half term.

  • Appropriate strategies will be employed in order to address the attendance of individual pupils.

  • After long periods of absence reintegration procedures will be followed.

  • Attendance data will be collected, analysed and monitored. The Swinton & Kilnhurst Learning Community will respond to any areas of concern identified.



This Policy will be reviewed in July 2017


Signed on behalf of Swinton & Kilnhurst Learning Community:


Name: R. Cousins


Date:  September 2016


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