KS1 - Phonics & Spelling


Dear Parents,


In Key Stage 1 we follow the Letters and Sounds six-phase programme designed to help teach children to read and spell with phonics.


Phase One

The aim of this phase is to foster children’s speaking and listening skills as preparation for learning to read with phonics.


Phase Two to Four the children will learn:
  • How to represent each of the 42 sounds by a letter or sequence of letters.

  • How to blend sounds together for reading and how to segment (split) words for spelling

  • Letter names e.g. through an alphabet song. There is some debate as to when letter names should be introduced, but it is generally best to leave teaching letter names until children are secure with the alphabet letter sounds, as these are what are important when learning to read with phonics.

  • How to read and spell some high frequency ‘tricky’ words containing sounds not yet learnt


Phase 5

Children learn new ways of representing the sounds and practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling.


During phase 3, 4 and 5 children have a tricky words bookmark which are used regularly in phonics sessions. A copy of this bookmark is also sent home for you to help your child read, spell and use the words in a sentence.


Phase 6

The children will learn different spelling rules and have a weekly spelling test taken from the spelling appendix document.


You can find a copy of the spelling appendix document and the tricky word documents on the website.


All children in Key Stage 1 are assessed in phonics at the end of each half term. 


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