Pupil Premium Funding 2013/2014


For the financial year 2013/14 we received £32,700 in Pupil Premium Funding. We currently have 23 FSM children in Main School and 7 FSM children in the Resource. Added to that we currently have 10 Ever6 children in Main School (Children that have been on FSM within the last six years)

Of the £32,700 that has been received, £5,300 has been allocated to the Resource in a separate pot of money in the budget so that they can spend it on suitable resources to enrich the teaching and learning of their children. (As we employ an extra Lunch-time Supervisor for the Resource we have allowed £1,000 to cover wages and taken that from the £6,300 that was generated from the FSM children in the Resource)

That leaves £26,400 for Main School.

Vicky Conning has been awarded a TLR (Teaching and Learning Responsibility) for one year (from September 2013) to oversee the spending of this money and to monitor the progress and attainment of the children who are eligible. Please see her report (separate document) of the work done so far in this area. She is doing an amazing job!


The Pupil Premium funding for 2013/2014 will be allocated as follows:


  • £12,533 - Part-time teacher for Phonics and Numeracy intervention sessions in Key Stage 1

  • £9,341 - Part-time Teaching Assistant in Year 1 for two Looked After Children (am) + lunch-time supervision of a mainstream Autistic FSM child

  • £4,229 - Part-time Teaching Assistant in Year 1 for two Looked After Children (pm)

  • £6,805 - Part-time Teaching Assistant in Year 6 for one child with ASD and one child with ADHD (both FSM) – mornings only

  • £3,621 - Wages for the two ladies who run our FSM Breakfast Club every morning


TOTAL: £36,539


As you can see, this figure exceeds the amount given as Pupil Premium but we feel all the extra staffing is needed so that all our children can reach their potential.


These figures do not include:

  • any academic 1:1 sessions that may be required throughout the year.

  • school contribution of 50% towards cost of visits/residential for FSM and Ever6 children

  • financial support to enable FSM and Ever6 children to access sporting activities delivered as after-school clubs

  • providing every FSM and Ever6 child with a complete school uniform for September 2013, school will fund these where needed.

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