Pupil Premium Co-ordinator’s Report 2013-2014


  • Close attainment gaps relative to school averages

  • Improve individuals levels of attainment and progress

  • Access extra-curricular provision

  • Develop social skills

  • Have full access to our curriculum

  • Improve healthy eating and punctuality


  • Keep a list of pupil premium children up-to-date.

  • Input pupil premium children on the school EMag.

  • Attend Pupil Progress Meetings at the end of the term to discuss pupil premium children with the class teachers and senior leadership team.

    • Discussing the needs of pupil premium pupils

    • Analysing data

    • Looking at ways to close any gaps in achievement, whether this be socially, academically or any other issues that may be apparent

    • Plan and evaluate any interventions needed

  • All class teachers to fill out a termly action plan outlining the aims and planned action for all the pupil premium children in their class.

  • Oversee that the pupil premium children are apparent on numeracy and literacy planning so that teaching assistants are aware and they are planned for accordingly.

  • Monitor interventions taking place by talking to staff and pupils.

  • Monitor attendance.

  • Leading the use of technology, particularly the iPads to support teaching and learning. Carrying on with the ICT / homework club weekly after school as it was noted that a lot of pupil premium children don’t have access to a computer at home. Parents are also invited to attend.

  • Organising sporting events and after school clubs pupil premium children to attend.

  • Discussions with pupils. Do they need anything? PE kit, indoor shoes. What kind of after school clubs would they like at our school?


  • Pupil premium children are being focused on more closely during numeracy and literacy lessons. This has increased progress and attainment.

  • Pupil premium children are encouraged to attend after school clubs and sporting events which most children do.

  • Pupil premium children are encouraged to use technology. An ICT club was set up and children were encouraged to attend and do homework there etc.


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