Kilnhurst Primary School

Our Vision and Aims

Kilnhurst Primary School provides the broadest possible curriculum to expand every child’s educational opportunity and achievement.

We believe that every day a child spends in school should be a journey of awe and wonder and, more importantly, every day should count.


Expect the BEST
Give the BEST
Be the BEST


Our Aims

  • To create an exciting place to be by providing – through a team approach – a creative, innovative, healthy, safe and caring atmosphere


  • To foster a positive ethos of respect throughout the school, where staff and children feel secure and valued and not afraid of failure


  • To encourage all members of the school community to succeed


  • To respect and celebrate diversity in others


  • To ensure that all members of staff are up-to-date with new trends, ideas and strategies and utilise different approaches and stimuli in their lessons in order to encourage, motivate and challenge the children to reach their potential


  • To ensure that all stakeholders have a ‘voice’ and have the confidence to make a positive contribution to the school ‘team’.